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  It gets drunk disease world most common chronic illnesses that cause in recent years, world rises by death rate. Getting drunk already became serious public health problems and aroused great concern from World Health Organization .

   The hospital of citizen clan in Jinan, devoted to giving up the research and prevention and cure of the wine, the our academy collects clinically, Scientific research, treat, recover a as a organic whole one regular by fixed position, at the Chinese medicine theories of motherland and clinical experiences work out at last this specialist group, Automatic control, to rely on disease patients can't be pure traditional Chinese medicine " give up wine soup" by preparation specially good effect.

The characteristics of it to treat Chen short, become effective and soon, take medicine convenient, It is high to heal the rate, nonpoisonous side effect. Give up yeast for brewing rice wine make a diagnosis and give treatment the patient already originally More than 3700 people, reaches 98.6% efficiently, give up rate of breaking and reaches 96.2% once, Receive to certainly, receive treatment into the patient's high evaluation domestic and international experts.

Generally become effective in one day, remove the aspiration of the alcohol in three to five days, a course of treatment is totally given up and broken, Have not replied drinking.

     The wine culture is taking a special position in the history of the world ,as drinking is one of the essential activities in the balls ,social parties etc. But we have to point out that,the wine is different from other beverages .The harms that it brings to us ,is far more than the positive functions.What is worse, dinking to excess is more harmful.

In last few years,bibulosity has caused the death rate rising rapidly. An investigation report of the World Health Organization calls that,drinking to excess has become the top cause the European youth dies from. Among the deaths of European males 15-29 ,1/4 of them have something to do with alcohol ;in some regions of Eastern Europe,1/3 of youth deaths is because drinking to excess.The average rate of the male youth's deaths causing by drinking in the Eastern Europe is 12.8%,while 32.3% in the Eastern Europe.Meanwhile,at least 55,000 teenages dead each year in Europe ,because of the traffic accident ,alcoholism ,commit suicide ,murdering causing by drinking wine.

As a result ,drinking to excess have become the serious public hygiene problem, seriously concerned by the World Health Organization .

 The alcohol depending sufferers(that is the person who is bibulosity seriously),usually have such typical model symptoms:Forgetful ,memory declining;abruption symptom in mind : the motion is easily execited ,excitement ,would be fond to pick a quarrel ,respond stagnant;

 The hands or foots dither ,shivers.The heart palpitates extremely quick.Sweat come out with no normal reasons.

  Consider drinking wines as the life-giver ,do not hesitate for it anything,even hurting close relatives ,or crime.

   The clinical performances of wine depending are:

 1.The sufferer's experiences to the wine:Experience excitements,talktive,as feeling nervous or tired seemed disappeared.It is for such a special experience that people drink everday without breaking, and the individual begs to the thirst of the wine become more and more heavy.Finally,breaking drinking can cause the abstaining-synthetical-symptom.

 2. Mental state counting on: beg to the thirst of the wine.The degree of it increases ,filally abstaining-synthetical-symptomw ill appear if the beg be break suddently.

   To satisfy the thirst for wine, and absolute the phenomenon of quits to break appears,the sufferer will seek around for wine strongly.

 3.body counting:If the synthesize symptom appears after breaking ,body counting is sure. At this time,breaking to drink can cause physical and mental symptoms.For satisfying the thirst for wine,ignoring the pains lacking wines!,the sufferers can neglect on time,locations or surrounding circumstance etc.,but for drinking.The heavier patient will consider drinking be the centre of his activities in his life,who is then be realized that his personality had changed .

 4. the synthetical symptoms after abstainedThe symptoms in the early period are:worrying anxiously,disgusting, feeling chill,perspiring,confusing,evil-foreboding dream,high blood pressure.Appear along,with progress the tremor,illusion,conscious obstacle,epilepsy go into action etc..

 5. the ability to bear alcohol increase: For attaining the bibulous good experience in the initial stage , the quantity drunk increase,until to such a degree that as the pitch of toxicosis toted and been aged,the capacity for liquor dropped down on the contrary. The patient dreams to stay in the state being drunk.For that purpose,he may not care about the sanitation,his familily etc.

    6. physical symptoms in intergrowth:Alcohol is venomous to the cells of the whole body,including nerve centre and liver,gall,stomach,heart,nephridium as well.Malnutrition is familiar to the patient too.

   The damage by excessive drinking is followed:

 1. physical scathe:

     the liver: hepatitis,fat liver,cirrhosis,alcohol liver;stomach and intestines tubes: gastricism,gastric ulcer,stomach issue of blood,pancreatitis strenuous,high blood pressure, arrhythmia.

    Nervous system:The brief memory loses,the risk of the brain blood vessea disease increases,the outside a neurities,embryo alcohol synthetical symptoms .

 2. mental scathe: blahs,the symtpom of alcoholism illusion,

 3. social scathe:

 bad social relations, traffic accident with the risk of the external injury increases,the crisiss of wedlock and family relations emerge.

     Because of the special factors in society,and the addiction accumulated in a long period ,the solution to this illness is a difficult medically problem

    Contrapose that speciality above,Jinan race hospital in china has been long engaged in the research solving this problem.Based on the Chinese traditional methods on iatrology,combining with their abundant clinic experiences, the experts in this hospital eventually developed a sort of miracle drug after years' hard work,called "abstinence soup".contraposing to the symptoms as described , this medicine has some peculiarities : as short period of treatment,high efficiency, convinent for dose, high cure rate,and innocuity ,no effect negative as well. General speaking,the effect may reveal one to two days after taken ,the thirst for alcohol will be unchained three to five days.At last, completely abstained after a period of treatment.Further more,the patient won't drink again.Up to now, the kind of medicine has been used to more than 3,700 patients, up to 98.6% of them haved been cured. This extrusive clinic effect has been highly appraise by the experts inboard and overseas , also by the sufferer. In the year 1997,the state commissioner Peiyun Peng altitude evaluated the medicine,while inspecting this hospital.

  Jinan race hospital in china canonizes the tenet that "Patients are our center ".Thus it considers the quality of medical treatment as the life of itself,long engaged in the undertaking for domos' health sanitation.With agile system,it has released a series of conenience services.:Think that the of patient thinks, focus on that the patients's worry, providing the services for everybody.Consummate technique, high-quality service, beautiful environment, with reasonable price, let the people seeing a doctor have the warmth as at home.Particularly,in the aspects of abstinence ,the fruition is rather markable,unchained thousands of patients' suffering.

    Medical constitution: gen-seng ,mum,red,kudzu,angelica,fry Chinese date, mother-of-pearl,High Aspiration,Stone Calamus,Half Summer etc.All together 68 precious natural remedies.

   The mechanism of effect: Completely adjust and repair the human body's spirit,rapidly untangle the alcohol contained in the blood and liver,making the content of alcohol almost be zero.At the same time,make the patient be suitable to the state without alcohol .And repair the nerve in brain,liver.

    Function: soothe the nerves,save the liver,insomnia,the alcohoism,alcohol liver, cirrhosis, memory decrease,irascibiity,spirit obstacle,personality changes, the hand and foot shive, oversexed decrease.

    Attending: 1.sot,winebowl,bibulosity;

 2.pace hitch ,hands shiver;

 3. personality changing caused by alcohol.

 4. hepatitis,fat liver,cirrhosis,alcohol liver;etc.

 Assistant cure: the old-age Alzheimers disease, drink over a long period of time the high blood pressure, oversexed decrease, deaf.

   Form: packed by sacks,brown liquid.Taste bit,cool,and faint scent. method of using dosage: the first 7 days three each day, every time 1 bag in the morning,noon,and night.After the 8th day , 2 each day, each in the moring and night .Take it half hour before going to bed .

   Price: a period of treatment lasts 21 days,and 735 yuans each,containing 49 sacks.

   The way to diliver: post by global posthaste delivery as soon as remittance received.

    The way to remit: call us first: 86-0531-6677151 (China);

     remit:Then you will get them 3-5 days after.Please comunicate with us before and after remitted by phone or email:


 1.Take it easy and keep pleasure.

 2.Strictly prohibit drinking wine.

 3.Call us in time if feel uncomfortable after taken the medicine.

 4. If after 7 days ,you still haven't received them,please call us.

 Keeping secret:

 1, Respecting sufferer's right of privacy, the mail address , telephone numbers and disease circumstances of the sufferers( including the advisory persons and the patients of the treatment), will be kept secret strictly, leaking in no case to any personnel;

 2, in cure process , everything will be kept secret strictly for you . In mailing the drugs , such words as " drugs" ," abstain from alcohol the section" won't be shown with packing box .People won't get to know what are being mailed to you.

 3, Without the sufferer's permission( especially female sufferers) ,we will not call you actively under all circumstances.

 4, This hostipital is a state-owned hospital abstaining from alcohol specialty ,not only in drugs sale organization as  ̄medicine trader" does. "think that the patients think, worry that the patient s worry. ^ is our principle.The breeze of " patients are our gods ,while curative effect is chief importance ̄ blows everwhere.So you can trust us, never need to have the thought concerns!


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